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12.9.11 - New maculele lyrics

The maculele section updated with two new lyrics : - Olhe, olhe, olhe - Você bebeu Jurema

9.9.11 - New lyric with audio

A realy nice lyric added today with audio link we uploaded - " Capineiro de ioiô capineiro de...

5.9.11 - New lyric with audio

New lyrics with youtube link - " olha a beleza do mar " we also added some youtube links for...

24.8.11 - New song lyrics by Mestre acordeon

New lyric and audio link from Mestre acordeon new cd força das aguas - "vim da africa"

23.8.11 - Mestre's page updated

We added some information about Mestre Pastinha and mestre suassuna

17.8.11 - samba de roda lyric

New lyric in the samba de roda section : Nao foi eu morena and another lyric with audio link:...

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